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“Panda Bear Hug” Hooded Blanket – 2019


This crochet hooded baby afghan pattern will give your favorite child the chance to feel like a cozy little panda. The blanket is created first and then hood is added after, requiring only one simple seam at the top of the hood. The size and weight of this hooded afghan makes it great for kids approximately 1.5-5 years old.This panda works up quickly in chunky yarn. Customize to make a crochet koala or polar bear too–the possibilities are endless!

5 Ideas for Knitting With Lace Weight Yarns


The maximum sensitive threads available on the market, lace weight yarns are soft, beautiful and mild, and make for a number of the maximum lovely garments and accessories. Although not applicable for garb in an effort to receive a lot of put on and tear, objects made from this weight of yarn may be first-rate in greater delicate objects of clothing and to accessory an outfit.

One of the best – and maximum conventional – methods to paintings with lace weight yarns is by means of knitting them into shawls and ponchos. There are lots of patterns available in books and on line for these forms of clothes, with a massive kind of styles available to fit each flavor and occasion.

As this feather-weight yarn is very delicate, it could be crafted into arrange of different and very complex patterns, such as leaves, flora, geometric and other very exceptional designs. For a shawl or a poncho that clearly turns heads, select a pattern that showcases this yarn-s extraordinarily fine nature, for instance by using knitting a design that features falling leaves or waves.

A second splendid venture for knitting with lace weight yarns is the use of them for scarves. Whereas heavier yarns are awesome for developing chunky clothes for winter, this greater sensitive thread is awesome for knitting superb carves that are appropriate for seasons with hotter weather, which includes in spring or autumn.



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